3-Y-0 boy drowns in North West District


Police are investigating the death of three-year-old Keyon Joseph Antonio who reportedly drowned on Tuesday afternoon in a pond not far away from his Barama line Baramita, North West District home.

Police Headquarters in a statement revealed that an older brother, Swain Antonio left home to visit a shop when the toddler and another brother – Samuel – followed him without his knowledge.

The mother claimed that she was sitting under a mango tree with her one-year-old baby when she heard Samuel screamed; the mother ran to the pond and saw her son pointing into the water, crying and saying, “mama Keykey.”

The mother then ran over to the shop to inform her older son who immediately left and jumped into the pond when he retrieved the child’s motionless body.

The Police at Baramita Police station was contacted and upon arrival, they observed the child lying on his back next to the pond.  He was escorted to the Baramita Health Center where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police said no marks of violence were found on the body. The body is was escorted to the Port Kaituma Public Hospital mortuary awaiting an autopsy.

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