President says Ganga Persaud will be ‘an asset’ to Public Service Commission


Having served as a Permanent Secretary and a Government Minister, President Irfaan Ali said Ganga Persaud will be “an asset” to the Public Service Commission (PSC).

Ali on Thursday appointed Persaud as a member of the PSC for the next three years.

“I have no doubt that he will execute his mandate in a manner that is befitting to the office and he will be an asset to the Commission,” the President said moments after the simple swearing-in ceremony held at State House.

Persaud served as Minister of Local Government and Regional Development under the former PPP/C Government and has replaced Mrs Geeta Chandan-Edmond who resigned from the post after appearing on the APNU+AFC’s list of candidates for the March 2020 elections.

She is also on the Coalition’s list of Members of Parliament to serve in the National Assembly when parliament reconvenes.

President Ali in his address noted that it is important to fill the vacancy as there are critical issues which need to be dealt with by the Commission.

“The work of the Public Service Commission needs to continue. There are a number of issues that has to be dealt with, issues of promotions and advancement in the public service, as a result, it is critical for us to move urgently in filling this vacancy so as to have a situation where the work of the Public Service Commission can proceed and flow freely,” he said.

He also spoke of inclusivity and the need to serve all public servants.

Ganga Persaud [Photo: Office of the President/August 27, 2020]
Persaud in a brief comment to the media noted that he will listen to the words of advice from the President.

He committed to working in the interest of every public servant.

“I can assure you that the interest of every public servant within Guyana’s public service will be my focus and I will do so working with the team in keeping with the public service rules, the Public Service Commission and the Guyana Constitution,” Persaud said.

Asked about issues of vindictiveness in the public service which sometimes finds itself in the media, the new PSC member said “definitely as these matters come to the fore, the Commission in its own deliberation will seek to address and pronounce on these deliberations and I can assure you that I will be an active player in each of those issues.”

He added that there are guidelines, rules and procedures which govern the PSC and these will be followed.

“We have to continue to give that comfort to our public servants that you can work irrespective of the political season and you can work as a professional and your tenure will be assured and secured,” he pledged.

The objective of the Public Service Commission is to make Appointments to Public Offices and to remove and exercise disciplinary control over persons holding or acting in such offices.

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