Mingo charged, remains in Police custody


Embattled District Four Returning Officer Clairmont Mingo was on Saturday charged with several offences relating to electoral fraud and remains in Police custody.

His lawyer Darren Wade told the News Room Saturday that he does not have any details on the charges but noted that he has since filed another Application in the High Court for Mingo to be released.

Wade had filed one such application on Thursday but withdrew it on Friday when the case was heard by Justice Rishi Persaud, the acting Chief Justice.

Justice Persaud had pointed out that the initial 72hrs detention had not yet expired.

Mingo was arrested on Tuesday last as the Police probe fraud in the events that followed the March 02 elections.

Further, the High Court granted an extension to Police Commissioner (ag) Nigel Hoppie for Mingo to be held in custody until 2:20pm Saturday and ordered that he report to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) at 9am every day and lodge his passport.

But the Police have not heeded the Judge’s orders.

Wade told the News Room Saturday: “the Police is refusing to adhere to the court order to release him, refusing to accept the passport…they told me they charged him but they didn’t tell me what they charged him with.”

Three persons who also worked at Mingo’s office at the Ashmins Building during the March 2 general and regional elections were also arrested along with Information Technology Officer Enrique Livan in relation to the March elections. They remain in custody.

The Guyana Police Force has launched a “comprehensive investigation” into allegations of criminal conduct by Chief Elections Officer (CEO) Keith Lowenfield and Mingo in relation to the elections and the events that followed.

  1. Matthew says

    A serious breach of human rights was perpetrated on the entire Guyanese population by Mingo, et al, and his masters, whoever they may be, and if he sits on that bench for 154 days (same as recount) I would not feel sorry for him. There will be persons die of Covid that would not have died had we had a legitimate Govt sworn in on March 5-6. Instead we watched Mingo whinin pun a Union dude and a visited professor from Arizona on Lamaha street and 5 months passed because of him and his spreadsheets/bedsheets actions. Yes he gets a trial and yes he gets to be heard……..but nobody should feel too sorry for him as his actions led to many, many problems which are still ongoing.

  2. Muhammad Rahaman says

    Mingo was apparently involved in a political plot to defraud the will of the guyanese electorate and rob them of their innate democracy. This is a huge crime and he and the masterminds involved must face trial in court.Owing to his fraudulent actions many innocent guyanese suffered and some perished as a result.Mingo and the rest of the rigging cabal have to pay a price for this.They were caught red handed committing this crime and their trial has to serve as a lesson for the upcoming younger generation to never allow a serious fraud as such to ever be perpetrated on guyanese people ever again. Mingo yuh gat to bare yuh chafe boy.

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