Harmon offers ‘critical support’ for Gov’t but says ‘not business as usual’


Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon during the first sitting of the National Assembly of the 12th Parliament on Tuesday said the APNU+AFC Coalition intends to give critical support to the People’s Progressive Party Government on matters of national importance.

He singled out Guyana’s sovereignty and internal public security as two areas on which the APNU+AFC Coalition stands ready to support the PPP Government.

But the support is not limited to these two areas as Harmon explained that the door remains open to work on “other matters we determine to be in the public interest.”

Harmon was officially installed as the Opposition Leader on Tuesday and also received support from Leader of the Liberty and Justice Party Lenox Shuman who is the only Opposition MP outside of the APNU+AFC.

Harmon told the media that the Coalition intends to work at the community level to understand the issues affecting the population and will bring those issues to the National Assembly to be addressed.

“We will ensure that the PPP knows it will not be business as usual,” Harmon said while impressing that he intends to lead a robust opposition both inside and outside the National Assembly.

He said the APNU+AFC will continue to push its decade of development agenda which it started while in Government.

All debates by members of the opposition will be framed with this theme which stands on the four main pillars of the Green State Development Strategy, a digital state, an education state and a petroleum state.

“You will hear during our debates our MPs speak towards these issues,” the Opposition Leader added.

Harmon said the opposition also intends to hold the Government accountable to ensure that its spending is transparent and monies are not squandered.

To this end he has already indicated that questions will be asked on the spending that has taken place during the PPP’s first month in Government.

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  1. Matthew says

    The treasury is depleted, so squandering is difficult …..and the PNC needs to earn a lil trust before they start shoving their weight around.

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