Six REOs who were fired move to High Court


Six Regional Executive Officers who were fired by the Ministry of Local Government have moved to the High Court to challenge their dismissal.

The APNU+AFC Coalition Friday afternoon released the Court documents, noting that those who are challenging their dismissal are: Randolph Storm (Region 1); Denis Jaikarran (Region 2); Jennifer Ferreira-Dougall, (Region 3); Ovid Morrison (Region 5); Kim Williams-Stephen (Region 6); and Orrin Gordon (Region 10).

The Coalition said Carl Parker from Region Nine is also expected to make a similar challenge when the COVID-19 restrictions permit him to travel to Georgetown.

“The applications are seeking judgment for unfair dismissal on discriminatory and prejudicial grounds, violating the constitutional rights to freedom of political association guaranteed to every citizen,” the Coalition stated.

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  1. Matthew says

    IT IS A POLITICAL APPOINTMENT. Your side lost the elections because the people voted you out. Live with it.

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