Bloodstains in farm of man arrested in murder of teen boys 


Police headquarters on Sunday night said they observed bloodstains at a nearby farm and arrested the 57-year-old man they saw there as they investigate the brutal murder of teen boys Joel and Isaiah Henry. This as details emerged that one of the boy’s body was stuffed in a hole.

Joel, 18, was listed by the Police as a labourer of Lot 26 No Three Village, West Coast Berbice.

“Joel Henry’s body was found with the upper half in a hole. The body was clad in a black long pants, green long sleeve jersey with white fine strip and barefooted. The body bore a mark around his throat and bruises on the fingers of his right hand,” Police further stated.

Isaiah, 16, was a student and from the same village. They were cousins.

“Isaiah Henry’s body was seen lying on his back with his head pointing in an eastern direction and feet pointing west. The body was clad in gray short pants, light green long sleeve jersey and barefooted. A wound was seen on his throat, two to his left side head, one on his forehead and one to the left side chin,” Police stated.

Police said the boys left their homes about sunrise on Saturday. They headed to Cotton Tree Village, West Coast Berbice to pick coconuts to sell but had not returned up to 8 p.m.

Isaiah’s mother went to the Blairmont Police Station to report him as missing; Joel’s mother filed a missing person’s report on Sunday morning.

At about 9 a.m. Sunday, relatives and friends of the victims formed a search party and went into Cotton Tree Village backdam to find the two victims.

Just about six hours later, they found the bodies. They were about 600 feet from each other in clumps of bushes near a coconut farm.

The scene was processed by ranks of the Crime Scene Unit who observed no bloodstains nor weapon around the bodies or within the immediate vicinity.

Further examination of a nearby coconut farm owned by the suspect now in custody showed what appeared to be bloodstains on the ground.  Also, a coconut peeler and some peeled coconuts were seen at the said location.

The bodies were escorted to Fort Wellington Public Hospital where they were both pronounced dead by a doctor on duty and were afterwards escorted to Anthony Funeral Home Mortuary where they await Post-Mortem Examination.

The Police are continuing their investigations.

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  1. Muhammad Rahaman says

    Okay comrades, question? Whose coconut trees ,meaning belonging to who were these youths picking from.Did the coconut trees they were picking from belong to them.Whose properties were these trees in question on.These are some vital questions that must be answered before we jump to conclusion.

    1. Matthew says

      Well it may well have been someone elses trees, but you do not murder 2 youths for a handful of Coconuts… take a photo and go see their parents and straighten the matter out.

  2. Matthew says

    The persons responsible for attempting to turn this into a political crime need to go to jail as well. It is disgraceful. It is a heinous murder that should be investigated to the max. Sounds like the GPF is all over it and has a suspect in custody already. Stop with the protest that do nothing constructive. Get to the root cause of this crime in your Village if you can…..but do NOT make it racial.

  3. Muhammad Rahaman says

    Granted, these gruesome killings were horrific. And should not have taken place.But we don’t know all relevant circumstances. The law enforcement teams will no doubt determine this.Only The Most High can take lives,we mortal humans may do same in self defense of one’s own life. We’ll have to await the outcome of the investigations into this fatal chopping crime.

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