Home Affairs Minister urges West Berbice residents to maintain peace


Statement by the Minister of Home Affairs on the murders of Isiah and Joel Henry.

I am deeply saddened at the discovery of the murders of Isiah and Joel Henry, and the mutilation of their bodies, today (Sunday) at West Coast Berbice. There is no justification for these acts.

I share the shock, hurt and anger at this gruesome event, and particularly, the grief of: the families and friends of these youths of all of the Berbice Communities. The countrywide distress, abhorrence and condemnation are noteworthy and very keenly felt.

The Guyana Police Service is vigorously pursuing its investigations into this crime and is required to spare no lawful effort to bring the perpetrator(s) to justice. These investigations must be complete and thorough.

There are reports of a resumption of blockages of roads and associated bridges on the West Coast Berbice Highway. This activity will not aid, but will surely hamper, the overriding issue of resolving this crime expeditiously. The efforts of some agitators will, also, have a similar effect and lead to a general breakdown in public safety and security.

I wish to urge all residents of the local communities to act in a manner that is lawful and helpful to the Police in aiding their work and in preserving the peace across and between all communities.

The Ministry of Home Affairs will fully support all efforts, and source and bring to bear all requisite resources, towards helping the West Coast Berbice Communities through this difficult time.

Robeson Benn

Minister of Home Affairs

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