Opposition wants independent investigation into brutal murder of Berbice teens


Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon is calling for an independent investigation into the brutal murder of West Berbice teens Isaiah and Joel Henry whose battered and mutilated bodies were discovered in Cotton Tree Sunday.

During a visit to the home of the victims on Monday, Harmon said: “We will have to insist that there be an independent investigation, independent forensic work that is done on this matter so that the evidence which is acquired, nobody can’t hide it and duck it.”

Opposition members during a visit to the victim’s home on Monday. (News Room/Kurt Campbell photo)

While he called on the Police to do a thorough investigation, he inferred that his party has little confidence in the Guyana Police Force.

The Opposition Leader told the teens’ family and residents of West Berbice that the People’s Progressive Party government has infiltrated the investigative arm of the force with “known thugs who’ve now gone into police investigation.”

As such, he called on residents to remain “very vigilant.”

“This response is a correct response, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,” Harmon said in response to protests which broke out calling for justice for the teens.

Tree trunks, tyres and other discarded items are used to block the road as Police ranks stood on either side.

Road blocked at West Coast Berbice (News Room/Kurt Campbell photo)

Harmon was accompanied by former President and leader of the APNU, David Granger.

Granger in his address called on residents to form a “self-defense society” to fight injustice.

The former President said: “What is clear now…is that whatever happens on this day, we have to establish some self-defense society to protect our children, protect our women and our young people because unless we protect ourselves, nobody is going to protect us.”

“We have to bind ourselves in some self-defense society to ensure young people of any race, young people are protected from this type of crime, they must be able to travel the road…must be able to go to the back dam and live ordinary lives,” he added.

Sixteen-year-old Isaiah and 18-year-old Joel Henry left their Number Three village homes on Saturday morning to pick coconuts in the backlands. On Sunday, their bodies were discovered with chops to their necks, heads, face and limbs; their bodies were discovered 600 ft apart.

The gruesome murders have shocked the nation and have resulted in condemnation from a wide cross section of society. Residents have been protesting since Sunday night.

Police have so far arrested a 57-year-old man who owns a nearby coconut farm and two others as investigation continues.

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  1. Matthew says

    First of all the racial hatred being promoted is coming from your own camp Your Ex-Excellency. Or your ex-camp, one of the Coalition that recently left. Secondly this crime needs to be investigated and the perpetrators given the full and swift effect of the law. It is too early to say exactly what happened other than the obvious which is particularly heinous crime. But at this point we do not know exactly what transpired. 3 persons were killed on the River during the past few months by drug dealers doing a run. …..there can be all types of motivations for killers and it doesn’t change the outcome of the crime. Way too early to call this a hate crime or pullout the racial card. Let the police do their job.

  2. Matthew says

    Keep ’em riled up Joe…very adult of you. We all figured out a long time ago that you do not care a whit for one single Guyanese life….so you are thrilled to encourage protests which you know will end badly for innocent persons. You don’t trust the GPF? Well then, instead of doing nothing for the last few years, you should have reformed the GPF, after all you were the big banna! I have been impressed with the GPF over their crime fighting successes. Let them proceed as they already have some suspects.

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