No evidence to support claim that murder of Henry boys was politically motivated – Crime Chief


As the public outrage grows over the brutal murder of teen cousins Joel and Isaiah Henry, Crime Chief Senior Superintendent Wendell Blanhum on Tuesday said that investigators have not gathered any evidence at this time that would support the contention that the crime was politically motivated.

Speaking to reporters during a virtual joint services press briefing, Blanhum in a short and brief response to questions from the media said that absolutely no evidence leads the Police investigation in a political direction.

The Crime Chief refused to answer any further questions on the investigation or to reveal the motive of the perpetrators noting that the situation was tense on the ground and that the investigation should be allowed to complete before details are released.

“We have found no evidence absolutely to support that contention… at this point in time, we will not disclose anything pertaining to motive. We have a tense situation and I will want to appeal to members of the public to allow for a thorough and comprehensive investigation,” he stated.

He said no murder weapon or weapons were recovered and that investigators from the major crimes unit which were deployed there are still on the ground at the crime scene.

A total of seven persons were arrested and are being questioned by detectives in relation to the murder.

Blanhum said investigators are pursuing three other individuals but the situation on the ground is making it difficult to do so.

Dead: Isaiah and Joel Henry

“We have information and we are trying our utmost to locate these individuals because with the prevailing circumstances our efforts are stymied to some extent and we are asking residents not to obstruct the investigators,” he added.

Among those in custody is the owner of the coconut farm where bloodstains were found, along with his son, three employees and two coconut vendors.

Meanwhile, Army Chief Brigadier Godfrey Bess says the joint services can no longer exercise tolerance with the ensuing protest become unlawful.

He said the ranks on the ground will take all action necessary to ensure law and order prevail.

“We take seriously all acts against public  order, We can no longer exercise tolerance when protest become unlawful and put others lives at risk… all citizens exercise calm as allow investigations to be done and brought to conclusion where the perpetrators will be brought to justice,” he said.

The brutal murder of Joel and Isaiah has invoked emotion among citizens across the country sparking protests.

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  1. Matthew says

    Political? The only political party that could possibly gain would be the losers of the last election who are trying their level best to encourage civil unrest, but I doubt they would even be that uncivil. Why on earth would there be a political murder over 2 small and innocent boys? What a bizarre suggestion.

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