Soldiers help Police clear West Berbice roads, but blockage continues


The security forces are facing an uphill task to clear West Berbice roads of debris placed there by residents calling for justice in the brutal murders of teenagers Isaiah and Joel Henry.

The Police say the blocking of the roads in several villages is not helping in their quest to solve the murders for which five persons are now being questioned.

Residents of No. 1 Road, Corentyne, Berbice are currently protesting and burning debris on the roadway [Photo: Malisa Player Harry]
“The GPF continue to appeal for calm and to warn persons to desist from blocking the roads, a course of action that is inimical to the safety of other citizens and the timely delivery of justice for Joel and Isaiah Henry,” Assistant Commissioner and Public Relations Officer Royston Andries-Junor said Tuesday morning.

He said following a briefing to the heads of the Joint Services, a decision was taken to reinforce the Police at West Coast Berbice with ranks from the Guyana Defence Force.

Persons have been prevented from passing the area [Photo: Malisa Playter Harry
As a result, GDF ranks were deployed to assist with clearing of the roads which commenced Tuesday morning.

“However, shortly after clearing the said roads, residents of the affected communities resorted to blocking it again,” Andries-Junor stated.

Persons have been prevented from passing the area [Photo: Malisa Playter Harry
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  1. Xhrp2wkb1 says

    Not surprisingly, the Riggers are using a horrific and abominable tragedy to their political advantage and have shown yet again their utter contempt of the Guyanese people by callously bringing more stress and strife on them.

    Disruptions and protests will be the modus operandi of the Riggers because they know they cannot win another election in the near future.

    The Riggers will use every excuse, every opportunity, and will manufacture many instances to give them the pretext to call on their deluded supporters to come out and disrupt civil society and the undeniable trajectory of progress the PPPC govt has set this country on.

    But the Riggers will fail and their evil will fail. They will fail just as all the other numerous instances of “slo fire mo fire” in their many forms have failed over the years.

    The PPPC’s first budget has shown that they are for all the people and that they fully intend to make the lives of all Guyanese substantially better. So my Guyanese brothers and sisters, don’t follow the Riggers who only want to use you to get back into power where they and their select friends could enjoy the good life while the rest of us have to make do with the good lie.

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