Only emergency, essential travel recommended for WCB as protest worsens – Security Minister


Press Statement by Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. Robeson Benn on the Deteriorating Situation on WCB:

The murder and mutilation of Isiah and Joel Henry remain a heinous crime which has been condemned all across Guyana.

The father of the murdered youths has repeatedly said that he will not support attacks on people of other races, amongst whom he has blood relations and friends, but is requiring justice at the hand of the authorities!

Unfortunately, Messrs Granger and Harmon descended on the communities and in their statements and rhetoric created an atmosphere engendering unfounded suspicions leading to racial polarization and attacks. Further loss of life, injuries and property loss are being experienced!!

This escalation in violence rest squarely at the doors of these two gentlemen and specific known political agitators of their ilk!!

The emergence of these political vultures and associated criminal opportunists have led to a deteriorating spiral in safety and security in the areas!

Granger and Harmon bear the prime responsibility for the escalation in violence, injuries and death.

The Guyana Police Force is working hard to resolve what is clearly a criminal matter.

The Joint Services are increasing their efforts to restore calm to the affected areas!!

Only emergency and essential travel is recommended and that with the support of the police!

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  1. Matthew says

    Who and what are they protesting and on whose behalf? It appears to me that there is more to the story of the deaths of the two Henry lads. This is way too comfortable a situation for the failed rigging crew who desperately need a diversion from the soon to be singing Mingo et al.

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