Harmon calls President out on claims of rape during Berbice protests


Claims by President Irfaan Ali in an address to the Nation on Wednesday that persons engaged in protest action on the West Coast of Berbice were raping innocent persons have not gone unnoticed by the APNU+AFC opposition.

Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon on Thursday said the President’s allegations were “contemptuous, irresponsible and false.”

While there have been reports of murders, robberies and other attacks by the protesting residents, the Police have not confirmed any reports of rape.

“At a time when the nation requires calm, care and unified leadership… Mr Ali’s statement defiles the Presidency and the actual victims of rape, he is consumed with laying blame.”

“There are no known police reports of rape yet Mr Ali in a statement said – raping people children has nothing to do with justice – what rape Mr Ali?” Harmon asked.

The Opposition Leader said it was reckless of the President to brand protesting residents, calling for justice in the murder of Joel and Isiah Henry, as rapists.

“His statement about children being raped is patently and wholly false,” Harmon added.

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  1. Matthew says

    Oh shooops…..Mr. Harmon…..if it was only murders, beatings, robberies and destructions of properties along with arson…….than thats ok…..by your standards that is a peaceful protest I guess. Fact is Sir you and the rest of them should have been in Parliament for which you draw your salaries instead of what you were doing.

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