National sport associations call on Guyanese to unite


Several sport associations on Thursday joined the call for Guyanese to “unite and condemn the senseless killings” that have place over the last week.

Below is the full statement.

We, the National Sport Federations/Associations of Guyana, call on the nation to unite and condemn the senseless killings that have taken place on the West Coast of Berbice.

We are deeply troubled by the gruesome and violent nature of these murders and wish to extend our condolences to the families and loved ones of the deceased.

We call on the law enforcement authorities to conduct a thorough and swift investigation into these killings and to hold accountable those responsible.

We also call on all Guyanese, regardless of ethnicity, religious or political affiliation, to exercise restraint by not indulging in any form of inciteful, violent or retaliatory behavior. While we are all still hurting from these events, the time to stop this senseless violence is now.

Signed 10/9/20

Aubrey Hutson: President, Athletic Association of Guyana

Gokran Ramdhani: President, Guyana Badminton Association

Michael Singh: President, Guyana Basketball Federation

Steve Ninvalle: President, Guyana Boxing Association

Wayne Forde: President, Guyana Football Federation

Aleem Hussain: President, Guyana Golf Association

Philip Fernandes: President, Guyana Hockey Board

Gavin Singh: President, Guyana Mixed Martial Arts Federation

David Fernandes: President, Guyana Squash Association

Samuel Barakat: President, Guyana Tennis Association

Godfrey Munroe: President, Guyana Table Tennis Association

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