President disturbed by race hate, directs AG to pursue criminal behaviour


See below full statement issued by President Irfaan Ali:

As your President, I am unequivocally committed to governing our country and our people, regardless of political affiliation or ethnic origin and I shall do that without reservation.

It deeply grieves me, therefore, when I see almost every day on social media, the degree of race baiting, racial hate and racial hostility which pervades the social media platforms. I want you to know that it is my determination to do everything within my power and to use all the laws at my disposal, to put an end to this behaviour, which can only result in dividing our country and our people.

The use of social media for the promotion of racial hate for political purpose is wholly unacceptable to me as your President and as a person, and my government will not tolerate it.

I have spoken with my Attorney General and I have directed him to ensure that the full force of our laws is employed and is applied to those who pursue this criminal behaviour.

I remind those persons guilty of this abuse of social media that freedom of expression guaranteed by our Constitution, as a fundamental right and freedom, does not relate nor extend to hate speeches or other expressions, in whatever form, capable of exciting hostility or ill-will against any person or class of persons. I further remind that such conduct, publications and utterances constitute grievous criminal offences under the Racial Hostilities, Cybercrime and other similar penal legislation and the State will not hesitate to resort to these provisions in our laws in appropriate circumstances.

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  1. Matthew says

    Atta boy Your Excellency……the major problems on the West Coast Berbice were not by accident and there was agents, well known behind it all. There is a person leading the opposition but so far not much of a lead to follow for the PNC supporters. The PNC supporters need proper leadership and representation in order to take their gripes and wish list to the Parliament. They do not need race baiting and nonsense trying to disrupt the Government.

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