President says memory of Henry boys should be honoured by commitment to peace & unity


President Irfaan Ali joined family members early Sunday morning for a private viewing of the murdered teen cousins, Joel and Isaiah Henry at the Sandy’s Funeral Home, Georgetown.

The President was among the first persons to join family members for the viewing of the boys ahead of a procession to Number Three Village, West Coast Berbice where they will be laid to rest.

Reflecting on the manner in which the boys died, President Ali said today marks a very sad day for Guyana. He said the best honour for the memory of the boys should be a commitment to peace and unity.

President Ali with Gladston Henry, the father of Isaiah Henry [Photo: Paul Persaud/News Room/September 13, 2020]
“In memory of the boys all of us should commit ourselves to peace, love and unity and serving God,” President Ali said.

The President said even as the boys are laid to rest and the country continues to call for justice, that be done in a peaceful manner.

“Today is a very sad day for our country, I’m here with the family and I think today all of us in Guyana should respect the family and have them in our thoughts and prayers… use this day as prayer and reflection for these two young men and understanding how important love, peace and unity is for our country,” he added.

A relatives pays her respect to the Henry boys [Photo: Paul Persaud/News Room/September 13, 2020]
The President was joined by the father of Isaiah Henry and cousin of Joel Henry, Gladson Henry.

The senior Henry opened the day’s proceedings with a prayer in which he too called for everything to be done in an orderly and peaceful manner.

The bodies will be taken from Sandy’s Funeral Home to the Parade ground for public viewing after which the procession will head to Berbice for viewing at the family’s residence.

President Irfaan Ali this morning attended the funeral services of the late Joel and Isiah Henry at the Sandy’s Funeral Parlour and participated in a prayer session with Gladston Henry, the father of Isaiah. [Photo: Paul Persaud/News Room/September 13, 2020]
There will be a funeral service at the Number Five Community Center Ground followed by burial. A Post Mortem Examination (PME) conducted on the mutilated bodies of the boys found that they both died from haemorrhage and shock due to multiple incised injuries.

The gruesome murder of the teen boys sparked protests across the country.

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