“SARA has been an abysmal failure” says Nandlall; Gov’t to close Agency


Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Mohabir Anil Nandlall indicated that the government has intentions to disband the State Assets Recovery Agency (SARA). The Attorney General in an invited comment said that SARA was not only unlawfully established, but it was a complete failure.

“SARA has been an abysmal failure. SARA is unlawfully established but, in the Act, which is the subject of legal challenge in the court because in the view of many, it is unconstitutional and there is a myriad of proceedings pending in the court about the Act itself that brought SARA into existence,” the Attorney underscored.

He added that “the only investigations that and charges that SARA has done relates to former Ministers of the government at Prado Ville and they have charged GBTI for buying a piece of land 10 years ago from the then government. Absolutely ridiculous, they have lost the case.”

The previous administration, the Attorney General pointed, out violated the already unlawful Act by not having the National Assembly appoint the Director and Deputy Director of SARA.

The Attorney General described SARA as a parasitic organisation that lived off the treasury and has nothing to show after consuming millions of dollars in taxpayer’s money per month. It was disclosed that the building in which SARA is housed cost tax payers $2M per month in rent. This excludes the 44 employees, internet, electricity and water bills, vehicles and other expenses.

With that, the Attorney General stated that “we are going to have asset recovery in proper legislation and with a properly constituted unit in due course.” (Department of Public Information)

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