Second small aircraft found at Issano with dead man inside


A second aircraft was discovered with a dead man inside some 600 yards away from the 9 Miles Airstrip at Issano, Middle Mazaruni River Monday just after noon.

Regional Commander, Superintendent Deon Moore, confirmed to the News Room that the second aircraft which crashed landed in the area Sunday night was found. However, the Commander could not say what else was found on the aircraft.

“We haven’t gotten to check the aircraft as yet because of the location but a second one was found,” the Commander said.

The Guyana Civil Aviation Authority was contacted to remove the aircraft.

Three men, including two young pilots, were arrested on Sunday night after the Police found that a red and white Cessna, suspect to be a Brazilian Aircraft had crash-landed Issano.

Two pilots – a 38 year-old from Boa Vista and a 29-year-old from Temeremo, Venezuela – were arrested along with a 35-year-old Internet technician from Manaus, Brazil.

The Police said they use Google Translator to question the men. The men claimed they were heading to Suriname with another aircraft when the said aircraft developed mechanical problems.

As a result of the observation, the pilot crashed landed the aircraft at 9 Miles which caused one of the occupants to sustain a fractured right arm and minor bruises about his face. The aircraft was searched and examined, but there was no visible damage and nothing illegal was found.

The Police said the other aircraft may have crashed but it has not been found.

Police took the three men into custody and seized their personal belongings namely a cellphone; Satellite phone, Identification cards and other items.


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  1. Matthew says

    As I said…..nobody was injured in the landing of this aircraft. This aircraft came in and rescued the occupants of the crashed aircraft one of whom was dead and one of whom had a broken arm. Don’t worry this story will be easy to crack. What they were carrying and where it went is another story.

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