APNU+AFC MP slams Gov’t over lack of wage increase in 2020 Budget


Opposition Member of Parliament Tabitha Sarabo-Halley on Wednesday criticized the People’s Progressive Party Government for failing to increase public servants’ salaries and the minimum wage.

“I look to see if there was any indication of an increase for our public servants. So much ridicule was vocalized over the past five years from members on the other side on what public servants ought to be given…

“So I cannot imagine a Budget presented to the House without an attempt to match or even surpass what public servants receive over the past five years through a substantive retro-active increase,” Sarabo-Halley said in her presentation during the ongoing budget debates.

Sarabo-Halley pointed out that overall, minimum wage was increased from $39,000 to $70,000 under the APNU+AFC.

In response, Minister of Public Service Sonia Parag said the PPP/C Government will increase public servants wage in the coming years.

“It is an obligation of any Government to take care of their public servants and that is by increasing [wages]. It was done by the PPP/C, it will be done again by the PPP/C,” Minister Parag said.

The public sector minimum wage was increased from $64,200 in 2019 to $70,000.

A 2020 budget was delayed following the successful passage of a No-Confidence Motion against the coalition Government in December 2018, the subsequent prorogation of Parliament and the five month long elections process which concluded on August 2.

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  1. Matthew says

    First of all the PNC is CORRECT……They were able to raise salaries right across the board for Ministers within 15 minutes of taking office in 2015. That was so there was no corruption……20 minutes later a party supporter had a loan to buy a building to rent back for double purchase price each month…..the raise never wukked!

    And then the PNC stonewalled public servants, teachers and nurses until about midnight on March 1, 2020 when they gave them a token.

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