Steps being taken to address cricket impasse


Minister of Sport Charles Ramson Jr., in his presentation to the National Assembly on Thursday, touched briefly on the cricket stalemate in Guyana, and what would be the administration’s approach to help resolve the impasse.

The issue has been engaging the Parliament and the courts of Guyana for more than a decade now, and Ramson Jr., speaking during the budget debates, said steps would be taken in the coming days to address the matter.

“A regular situation has occurred where in 2014 the Cricket Bill was passed with the support of both sides of the House- the APNU had supported the PPP. Lo and behold, there was a challenge to that Cricket Bill. A few years after that challenge, at the Court of Appeal, the Minister who has responsibility for Culture, Youth and Sport went to the Court of Appeal, along with Attorney General and consented to the provision being suspended in that Act,” Ramson Jr. said.

“Through the (current) Attorney General, a motion has been filed and we will be having the Cricket Administration Act be restored to its original condition where it will be fully enforced in a matter of days.”

The Cricket Administration Act was passed in Parliament on May 15, 2014. The Act outlines several stipulations for the staging of elections of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB).

Based on the Act, the first elections of the GCB by law should be called by the Minister of Sport in consultation with the West Indies Cricket Board, now Cricket West Indies.

The GCB subsequently rejected the legislation and moved to the Court of Appeal to have the Act suspended in 2014 and in 2018.

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