Water delivery man robbed, 15-Y-0 arrested


A 35-year-old water delivery man employed with Demerara Crystal Water was stabbed and robbed on Thursday by three men of $1,300 cash and a Samsung cellphone valued at $45,000.

Police Headquarters in a statement said Joel Kisram was delivering water in Cummings Lodge, Greater Georgetown at about 06:30h when one of the suspects rode past him and threw his bicycle in the path of the vehicle.

After stopping the vehicle, Kisram was then attacked by the other suspects who stabbed him twice to the left hand and relieved of the items.

The suspects then escaped in an unknown direction. Police Headquarters further stated that a 15-year-old was subsequently arrested and is assisting with the investigation.

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  1. Matthew says

    Say what you will about punishment……but this lad needs to be flogged until he whimpers. Then both of his parents need the same flogging. Then all present sit down (those whose rear is not too sore) and discuss how to educate the young man and make him a productive member of society.

    These kids are robbing for sport.

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