Minister Croal commits to fixing housing, water issues in Reg.6


Residents of several villages in East Berbice-Corentyne, Region 6 will begin to see major improvements of basic services following an outreach by Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal.

The Minister made commitments to address a number of issues raised by residents of West and East Canjie, Kilcoy, Belevedere, Lesbeholden, Ankerville, Mibicuri, Yakusar, and Numbers 64 and 76 Villages.

The major concern from residents was the need for residential house lots and the poor service provided by the Guyana Water Incorporated. Additionally, residents expressed concern about the prolong wait for land titles and transport, deplorable roads, drainage infrastructure and the lack of street lighting.

In response, the Minister said these issues will be fixed in the shortest time possible.

A resident voicing her concerns (Ministry of Housing and Water Photo)

In the coming weeks, the local Neighbourhood Democratic Councils will be compiling information relating to leakages to GWI mains so that repair can commence. In instances where some of these communities are experiencing low level of services, assessments will be done to find the cause and possible solutions.

New water wells will also be built in Fryish, Chesney, Belvedere, Ankerville and Lesbeholden and Blackbush Polder.

The Minister further said that several deficiencies in the current housing system are being examined.
The Ministry is aiming to deliver 10,000 serviced house lots annually and 2000 land titles in the coming months.

Minister Collin Croal (Ministry of Housing and Water Photo)

Minister Croal reiterated the Ministry’s zero tolerance policy for squatting, having been met with dozens of complaints about the issue in existing housing schemes and government reserves in the communities visited.

“The only way to be assured of getting a house lot from the Ministry is to apply, we will not be forced into regularizing lands or giving a house lot because of squatting,” the Minister said.

He further assured that based on the scope of the new housing drive every citizen who have active application in the system will be served according to the year they applied. (Extracted and modified from Ministry of Housing press release)

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