NGSA top students say COVID-19 did not affect studies


Two boys from two public schools – Samuel Barkoye from North Georgetown Primary and Rovin Lall from the Stella Marris Primary – share the top spot in this year’s National Grade Six Assessment.

At a press conference on Monday at the National Center of Educational Resources Development in Georgetown, a number of the top students said the COVID-19 pandemic did not affect their studies and while some are still shocked to be among the top performers others were not surprised at all.

With his older siblings attending Queens College, Barkoye who attained 525 marks, was pleased to be following in their footsteps.

“I am overwhelmed because getting Queen’s College was always my dream and now that fantasy is becoming a reality,” Barkoye said.

He plans to further follow his father’s footsteps in becoming an engineer. Barkoye expressed sincere thanks to his school teachers, his lesson teacher Allison Blenman and his relatives.

Four students from the Academy of Excellence Salmah Bacchus, Yuki Clarke, Dhanesh Tularam and Charisma Etwaroo (Photos taken from Ministry of Education and DPI)

“I would also like to thank my family for supporting me and helping me along the way.”

“I feel very proud of myself and very happy,” were the words of Rovin Lall who also attained 525 marks and tied with Barkoye for the top spot this year.

Lall said he was not surprised with his performance as he spent days and nights studying and preparing for the exams. He now has his eyes set on becoming a medical doctor.

“I have maintained a certain standard in my school, as in first place, and in just doing my best.

“Here I hoped to get first and I did. Somehow I like doing science and helping people, so medical doctor is my choice,” Lall told the News Room.

He thanked God, his teachers and parents for his exceptional performance.

Brandon Ramdin of Westfield Prep, Robert Forester of Winfer Gardens Primary, Gabriel Felix of New Guyana School and Britney Peter of One mile primary (Photos take from Ministry of Education and DPI)

Meanwhile, 11-year-old Charisma Etwaroo of Crane, West Coast Demerara said she plans to become a writer. The young woman who attended the Academy of Excellence in Region Three shares the top nine positions with three other students.

“I’ve always had doubts but like seeing as how easy that test was, I expected to be in the top 10.  But hearing it from someone else, it is still a bit surreal and surprising for me,” Etwaroo said.

She revealed that she always studied with her grandmother because her parents were working.  

Britney Peters from One Mile Primary, Region Ten said she studied hard with her mother.

“We made it through it and it was worth it.”

Peters told the News Room she wants to become a teacher. She shares the top sixth position with two other students. They each attained 521 marks.

“I had to wake up very early in the mornings and I went to different lessons but overall it was mostly my mother helping me study,” Gabriel Felix of the New Guyana School said. And just like his mother, Felix who is one of the sixth performing students, aims to become a lawyer.

The other top students are Alexander Singh of Marian Academy who is the country’s third top performing student with 524 marks. Two students share the fourth position -Lianna Dharampaul of Mon Repos Primary and Brandon Ramdin of Westfield Prep with 523 marks. The other student sharing the sixth position is Dhanesh Tularam of Academy of Excellence.

The other ninth position performers who gained 520 marks are Yuki Clarke and Salmah Bacchus of Academy of Excellence and Robert Forrester of Winfer Gardens Primary. All of these students will be attending Queen’s College.

It was revealed on Monday that only 120 spots are available at Queen’s College, St. Roses’ High, St. Joseph High and St Stanislaus College while 217 students were given spots at President’s College.

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