Speaker cautions Parliamentarians on dress code, behaviour in Assembly


At the opening of the 10th Sitting since the National Assembly was convened in August, Speaker of the National Assembly Manzoor Nadir had cause to caution Members of Parliament (MP) on issues relating to dress code and their conduct in the House.

This caution comes with Nadir serving as a new Speaker and with several Parliamentarians serving for the first time.

Speaker Nadir Tuesday had cause to stand twice in the House to bring order to the proceedings as MPs erupted in loud exchanges.

The Assembly has been meeting daily for more than a week now to debate and consider the 2020 budget estimates of expenditure.

The Speaker asked MPs to refer to the handbook for Parliamentarians which address dress code.

He was keen to point out that there should be no displays and mild colours should be worn.

Parliamentarians are also prevented from wearing revealing, brightly coloured, and/or denim-material clothing.

Speaker Nadir also urged MPs to be mindful of their behaviour in the Assembly, especially the manner in which they speak to each other across the floor.

“The Convention Center is acoustically designed to amplify our voices… so I ask especially for those with loud voices to tone down the volume of it because it appears as though you are shouting,” he added.

Members of Parliament are asked not to heckle, laugh loudly or cheer when the Speaker of the National Assembly, the Clerk of the National or any other Member of Parliament is speaking.

The Speaker said members should ensure that they don’t send a bad example to the nation with respect to how the National Assembly conducts its business.

Notwithstanding, the said he has received great cooperation from the two Chief Whips from the government and opposition sides of the House.

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