Bandits invade home of Mackenzie residents


Police are investigating the robbery of a 48-year-old labourer and a 21-year-old male of Fair’s Rust Extension, MacKenzie, Linden who were robbed of $114,000 in cash and their cellphones in the wee hours of Thursday.

Police Headquarters in a statement noted that the victims were asleep when the 21-year-old male was awakened by a knocking sound on the door at around 00:30h.

Upon checking, he was confronted by one of the suspects in front of the door who held him at gunpoint, while the other suspect who was armed with the crowbar turned his attention to the labourer and demanded gold and cash.

Police said the bandits ransacked the house; the victims were taken outside where the suspect with the gun discharged a round in the air and they both made good their escape on foot in a southern direction.

A report was made via telephone and the police visited the scene where one 9mm spent shell and one warhead was recovered.

Subsequently at 02:05h, a man fitting the description of one of the suspects showed up at the Linden Hospital Complex with what appeared to be a gunshot injury to his left upper thigh where he was seen by a Doctor on duty and admitted a patient under Police guard.

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