Bishops’ High joins call for review of CSEC/CAPE results


See below full statement issued by the Bishops’ High School Old Students’ Association:

The Bishops’ High School Old Students’ Association (BHSOSA) wishes to express its concern with the glaring inconsistencies in the awarded grades and profiles issued to our students and others across Guyana who sat the July/August 2020 Caribbean Examinations Council’s CSEC and CAPE examinations. It is our firm belief that these grades do not accurately reflect the true and fair performance of our students and therefore, we join the clarion call demanding that CXC,

  1. Issues a statement clearly addressing its evaluation methodology for the award of grades and,
  1. Commit to an immediate and thorough review of the results issued on 22nd September, 2020, with no cost attached.

We wish to remind the Caribbean Examinations Council that as a collective Caribbean Region, our students’ concerns were expressed prior to the hosting of these examinations. They held firm in their need for the credibility of these examinations not to be compromised in any way. Students’ perturbation for the weighting of the examinations and School Based Assessments were also expressed with no clear understanding of CXC’s intention to handle same. It was demanded of CXC that the integrity of these examinations be maintained. Today, these concerns have now earned merit.

We also implore the Ministry of Education, Guyana to actively pursue an investigative process into these results immediately. Our students deserve to be proud of their efforts and their investment.

The Bishops’ High School Old Students’ Association lends its unequivocal support to our student body and to our fellow colleagues who are also duly affected.

Kadeem J. Davis,





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