Health Ministry withholds pertinent COVID-19 info; 44 new cases recorded


The Ministry of Health on Thursday announced that it will not reveal certain categories of COVID-19 information on a daily basis as it significantly reduced its Dashboard.

With 44 new cases recorded, the Ministry of Health has refused to divulge how many persons are in the Intensive Care Unit, how many are in home and institutional isolation and how many are in institutional quarantine.

The Ministry said this information will only be made available on Saturdays.

Meanwhile, the total number of confirmed cases is now 2, 579 and 1,483 persons have recovered. The number of persons who have died is 71.

The new cases were recorded in Region Three with four and Region Four with 40.

As it relates to the regional breakdown of cases, Region Four continues to record the highest number of cases with 1,128, Region One with 405 cases, Region Nine with 340 cases, Region Seven with 277 and Region Three with 188.

To date, 12,753 COVID-19 persons have been tested for COVID-19.

The new Dashboard by the Ministry of Health
  1. Matthew says

    This seems odd…….I want to know what neighborhood the cases are in… seems all information the public needs to avoid contact is being withheld. Why? Who gets hurt when they say 20 more cases in Kitty or Campbellville?

  2. Muhammad Rahaman says

    You wouldn’t disclose that info. Owing to hurting businesses etc.It would be more shrewd to say which region etc. That new cases are popping up.

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