Multi-purpose sport facilities for Anna Regina, Albion and Linden


The three multi-purpose sport facilities to be undertaken by the government will be in Anna Regina, Albion and Linden, according to Minister of Sport Charles Ramson Jr.

Grilled by Opposition members about the details of the projects during the consideration of the budget estimates on Wednesday, Ramson Jr. said the facilities would be located at the Anna Regina Community Centre (Region Two), the Albion Sports Complex (Region Six) and the Mackenzie Sports Club (Region 10).

“We’re at the stage where we’re doing Concept Notes and Proposals and the Design. We’re hoping that we would be able to get through this process over the next three months so that we can start with the budget allocations for the coming year,” Ramson Jr. told the House.

The Minister said the existing infrastructure at these locations will undergo “a massive upgrade.”

“The idea is that these facilities are not only going to have seating like a stadium, it’s also going to have an indoor facility where they can play sport like basketball, table tennis etc. On top of that too, the grounds are going to be upgraded to the international level where you’re not going to have the problems with drainage etc., and you’re going to have the day/night capabilities.”

Ramson Jr. said the administration is keen on providing facilities in every region to help unearth and develop new talents.

Currently, the major sport facilities are located in Regions Three and Four, namely the National Track and Field Centre, the National Stadium, the National Aquatic Centre, the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall and the National Gymnasium.

“…and places like Region 10, Region Two, Region Three and Region Six, they’re not getting it; in fact, it should be all across the country and this is just the stage to be able to get that,” Ramson Jr. pointed out.

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