Lusignan prisoner caught hiding in shack in Buxton


The 23-year-old inmate who escaped from the Lusignan Prison on the East Coast of Demerara in the wee hours of Wednesday was recaptured on Thursday night hiding in a shack in Buxton, East Coast Demerara,

Police Headquarters in a statement noted that ranks from the Division acted on information received and proceeded to the area at around 19:15h when they captured Leroy Graham hiding alone in the shack.

He was arrested, taken to Vigilance Police Station and later handed over to the Guyana Prison Service.

Graham broke out of a burnt section of the prison and jumped the fence without being detected by any of the Prison Guards.

In providing details of the brazen escape, Director of Prisons Gladwin Samuels told reporters that Graham was housed in the burnt section for “safety reasons” and that evidence so far suggests that he jumped the southern fence and headed in the direction of the backlands.

Graham, who was on remand for armed robbery, escape from the facility at around 01:30h; he was a former resident of Buxton.

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