Q&A: Understanding the Haledino Sport Initiative


News Room recently spoke to sport enthusiast Klalifa Hale to gain insights into his quest to develop ways to financially reward athletes in Guyana through his plan called the Haledino Sport Initiative.

News Room (NR): Who is Klalifa Hale?

Klalifa Hale (KH): I am a Cadet Officer from the Guyana Prison Service, with a PGD [Post Graduate Diploma] in Business Administration and Certificate in Sports Administration.

NR: What prompted you to start this project of pushing for franchise systems?

KH: Being a sport enthusiast I realise that Guyanese are not often enough financially rewarded for their efforts in sport which is concerning.

This have caused athletes to bring an end to their careers earlier and potential athletes to lose interest. While in the confines of the prison I would see young Guyanese with a potential to do great in sport, but the supporting system is not readily available on the streets or at home.

Similarly, associations and federations usually struggle to attract youth and sustain young talent over time on the merit of financial woes. So I opted to strategically designed a project that deals with these financial issues.

NR: Given the financial constraints of Sport Associations and the burden already on private sector how viable and practical do you see it to pay athletes?

KH: This initiative is economic in nature to ensure that all stakeholders are financially reimbursed. Notably, the fact that they are incentives to earn from the state as an investor – franchise owner – this initiative will create jobs, reduces crime, and allow the discipline that is required in sport to be transferred into the daily lives of our young citizens.

Revenues are earned through a specialised ticket system, sale of clothing, branding and image rights, sale of talent locally, internationally, and major endorsements, while the initiative is so designed to improve the athletes’ performance through consistency.

This initiative guarantees income due to the collective approach that is employed and consumers’ passion, thirst and support for youths and for sport especially once it’s affordable.

NR: What’s your criteria to select these athletes?

KH: Because it’s a structure system athletes and potential athletes must first ensure that they are registered under the various sport associations or federations before they are contracted with any franchise.

NR: Is this a full time or part-time move? Meaning if athletes are paid, there only dedication is to train?

KH: Longevity is critical to the sustainability of this initiative, thus they will be the emergence of fresh young talent yearly and the system will be so structured that athletes will be eager to train because of the potential opportunities which lie ahead and the constant reminder that it pays to be talented.

NR: What’s a proposed figure in payment you think would suffice?

KH: They are two payments options outline in the initiative, one being more affordable than the other, details for each will be made available to investors. They are two payments options outline in the initiative, one being more affordable than the other, details for each will be made available to investors.

NR: Is this for every sport?

KH: While they are multiple sporting disciplines in Guyana the Haledino Sports Initiative is designed to accommodate several sporting disciplines without exhausting the consumer pool.

However, it is the investors and consumers alike who will ultimately determine which spots are filled first as there is a limited number of teams under the various disciplines within the various regions.  It must be noted that established teams are accommodated in this initiative.

According to Hale, he has gained support from West Indies Sports Complex, Dyna’s Embroidery, Aniroud Stationery and Office Supplies, Phillip Boxes and S&N Laundry Room.

 He added, “While it is clear that sport is not about to commence anytime soon, the initiative can be the beginning of its return and it so designed to incorporate all aspects from coaching to academies. The facilities to be constructed as outlined in the 2020 budget clearly shows the intention of the government of Guyana to continue to develop the lives of our citizens.”

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