AFC calls emergency meeting after fallout with APNU


In its first statement since news broke of a fresh fallout with its coalition partner, the Alliance for Change (AFC) has failed to comment on the status of its relationship with the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU).

The AFC would only say that it has called an emergency meeting with the Party’s National Executive Council NEC) which is scheduled for Sunday, October 4.

This meeting the party said is “to discuss the way forward.”

“The NEC is the highest decision-making forum of the Party in between National Conference of the Party,” the statement added.

Following days of media reports on an apparent fallout between the APNU and the AFC, the short statement did not address the current status of the relationship between the two sides.

The AFC would only rebuff reports that its members were discussing shifting support to its political rival, the People’s Progressive Party.

“The Alliance For Change (AFC) notes allegations purporting that the Party is aligning itself with the PPP and categorically states; the AFC is engaged in no such discussions,” the statement added.

The AFC says it remains committed to its principles of liberal democracy and the advancement of coalition politics as the best solution for our ethnically diverse country.

The latest fallout between the AFC and the APNU faction of the Coalition surrounds the failure to honour a prior agreement to allow the AFC to occupy the Vice-Chairman position in the three regions the Coalition won at the March 2, 2020 elections.

The AFC only secured the Vice-chairman position in Region Seven but failed to get the support of the APNU to elect its nominee to the post in Regions Four and Ten.

This prompted the resignation of David Patterson from the AFC as the General Secretary; he has also signaled his intention to resign from the National Assembly.

The AFC confirmed that the meeting of its Executive Members was being called to address this issue but it also made comments on the resignation of Mr Patterson.

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