Curfew back at 9pm to 4am


Cabinet has taken a decision to return the curfew hours to 9pm to 4am, two high ranking Government officials confirmed on Wednesday.

The News Room was informed that new COVID-19 measures which are expected to be published in the Official Gazette Thursday will reflect the change in the curfew hours.

The People’s Progressive Party Government had moved the 6pm to 6am curfew hours to 9pm to 5am back in August but a surge in COVID-19 positive cases and deaths led the Government to revert to the 6pm to 6am curfew from September 1- 30, 2020.

That order expires at midnight and a decision was taken to set the new curfew times to 9pm to 6am even though there is a huge spike in the number of deaths and COVID-19 cases.

September has been recorded the deadliest month for COVID-19 in Guyana with 41 deaths for the month so far.

The Government was advised in the past by Country representative of the Pan American Health Organisation/ World Health Organisation (PAHO/WHO) Dr William Adu-Krow to keep the 6pm to 6am curfew.

“I would ask of the Government if you can have 6pm to 6am rather than 9pm to 5am because [when the curfew] starts at 9pm, what it does is, it gives people enough time to hang around with friends and drink up to 8:30pm and then go home.

“If it is 6pm, then from office, you go home,” Dr. Adu-Krow had told the News Room during an interview.

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