Drunken man breaks into ex-wife’s house and sets it on fire


Police have arrested a 29-year-old hire car driver who broke into his ex-wife’s Lot 35, Raghubir Street, Reliance Abandon, East Canje Berbice house, damaged her valuables and then set the property on fire.

The News Room confirmed that Davendra Samru, known as ‘Vicky’ was in a drunken state when he broke the gate, entered the yard and used a cutlass to break the locks on the door Tuesday night.

At the time, his ex-wife was not at home. Residents recalled seeing him on the verandah of the house threatening to burn it down.

After learning the man broke into the house, the ex-wife arrived with two Police officers and Samru was warned to come down, but he continued with his tirade and issued threats to the woman in the presence of the Police.

The scene of the fire

He also took a glass table and a laptop computer and smashed it to the ground.

After the Police Officers left, Samru then lit a white cloth and then threw it inside the house.

“He was shouting he gon bun down the house and kill all body corner here then he go into the house and come back out shouting he gonna burn it down. Next thing I see he hold a whole thing and light it and went back into the house. Next thing is fire in the whole house.

“Then he start dance Fire! Fire!”, a neighbour told the News Room.

The scene of the fire

After the heat became intense, Samru exited the house but was apprehended by the Police on a mobile patrol.

Samru and the woman have been renting the property for the two years, however, they recently separated but the wife continued to live at the property.

Meanwhile, the caretaker of the property Kossilla Bridgemohan estimated the losses to be in excess of $3M.

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