Charlestown residents complain about dumping of human faeces


Residents of Drysdale Street, Charlestown are pleading with authorities to investigate the dumping of faeces and garbage in an unoccupied lot. The owners of the lot reside overseas but a relative told the News Room that for months now persons have been defecating in plastic bags and dumping it into the yard.

The residents believe that persons living in the area do not have a washroom and have been dumping waste on the property. For months now the stench has been affecting other residents who are now fearful for their health.

“They had a house here and the house broke down and what we find happening is that people just putting their faeces in a bag and keep throwing it in the yard they had a lot of mess in a bag,” the relative, Ricky Bacchus said.

According to Bacchus, numerous reports were made to the Police and the Mayor and City Council but to date, nothing has been done.

“We complained to the Police and the Police come and warned them the Council come but nothing has been done as yet the council just come and look at it,” Bacchus explained.

The owners of the land live in the United States but plan to return to Guyana. Bacchus said they have begun clearing the land to rebuild and hopes that the issue does not continue.

“We would like them to stop doing whatever they are doing it’s not nice, it’s not healthy…they gotta get respect for other neighbours.”

The lot has been unoccupied for years.

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