Autopsy inconclusive on toddler who was given milk laced with drug


A Post Mortem Examination conducted on two-year-old Ronaldo Dave Favourite, who reportedly died after being given milk lacked with drugs, was inconclusive, Regional Commander Simon McBean confirmed.

As a result of the inconclusive findings, samples were taken for further testing in an effort to determine the toddler’s cause of death.

Favourite of ‘C’ Field Sophia died on September 25 at the Georgetown Public Hospital, weeks after he was reportedly given milk laced with a drug commonly known as Molly.

The News Room had earlier reported that the toddler was left in the care of his grandmother and other relatives after his mother died on August 23, 2020. It is alleged that while in the care of his 25-year-old aunt, he was given the illegal substance.

On September 5, the toddler was rushed to the hospital in an unresponsive state and it was there that the doctors discovered the methamphetamine intoxication and contacted the Police.

On September 7, the aunt was arrested but later released and the baby boy was kept in the Intensive Care Unit until he succumbed.

The aunt was then re-arrested following his death and then released again as Police search for a male relative.

According to Police sources, the aunt told police that the drugs belonged to her younger brother who has since gone into hiding.

Commander McBean confirmed that the Police investigation is still ongoing.

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