Police statement on fiery protest in Berbice for Henry boys


See below full statement issued by the Guyana Police Force:

At about 10:30hrs on 2020-10-04 persons claiming to be the relatives of the late Isaiah and Joel Henry and some residents of # 5 Village, West Coast Berbice began to block the # 5 Village bridge with old tires and debris and lit same.

A Police patrol vehicle arrived shortly thereafter but had to request assistance. Subsequently, additional ranks were deployed to the scene at # 5 Village and commenced clearing the bridge.

About 13:15hrs hours they were successful in clearing the #5 bridge but had to immediately respond to reports of #3 Village Public Road Being blocked.

The ranks as at 16:15hrs were still working to completely clear the roadway in #3 Village.

Protesters voiced concerns over the seeming delay in ongoing investigations but were repeatedly told that their protest was illegal and unlawful and that arrests will be made.

Dead: Isaiah and Joel Henry

The relatives were reminded that ranks from the Major Crimes Unit are continuing the investigation with the assistance of a Regional investigative team drawn from RSS and Caricom IMPACS.

Ranks will remain on the ground until all the roads are clear.

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  1. Matthew says

    First of all the immediate family of the boys have clearly stated they want NOTHING to do with this lawless violence. The “family” that is instigating this violence is the “rigging” family and the “election losers” family.

    How does impeding the police help the lads and their REAL family get justice? Or does obstructing the Argentinian forensic specialists be the goal? Is somebody getting worried? Did SAGE have an epiphany? All these questions need answers.

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