Housing Ministry warns of scam targeting single parents


See below full statement issued by the Ministry of Housing and Water:

The public is reminded to be on the alert for telephone calls from person or persons prorupting to be the Minister of Housing & Water Collin Croal, on the premise of allocating house lots to single parents in the Providence, Lusignan, and Dairy areas for the cost of GY$100,000.00. It has been brought to the attention of the Ministry, that persons are being asked to send monies to an MMG Account which is falsely being linked to the Office of the First Lady, Ms. Arya Alli, under the pretext of making payment for a house lot.

The Ministry will like to make it pellucidly clear that no Land allocation that is made directly from the Minister’s office. All allocations are made by the Central Housing & Planning Authority (CH&PA) using the prescribed procedures established by the agency.

The process starts with an official application (which can be purchased at the Ministry’s head Office on Brickdam, for $200 GYD), a valid form of identification (passport or national identification card), proof or affidavit of income, TIN certificate, and marriage certificate if applicable. These documents must be submitted to the CH&PA office directly, where applications are lodge following a short interview. These applications are then processed using a chronological method. Persons can also visit the CH&PA website: WWW.CHPA.GOV.GY.

Further, applications and interviews are done at our regional offices which are located; Vreed-en-Hoop RDC Compound Reg. 3, Anna Regina, RDC Compound, Reg. 2, Fort Wellington RDC compound Reg. 5, New Amsterdam, RDC Compound, Reg. 6, Lethem, Reg. 9 and Linden Reg. 10.

The Ministry, wishes to again caution persons against participating in any unlawful transactions, which will only result in lost. The agency recognizes the demand for housing is great is growing and it presents an atmosphere for the criminal elements to thrive on persons’ gullibility during this period.

The Ministry assures all applicants, that applications will be dealt with in due process as we recognize the demand and the need for adequate housing as a basic human right. The Ministry is working assiduously towards satisfying this objective.




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