On deathbed, woman claims baby’s father forced her to drink carbon tablets


The family of a 23-year-old mother is questioning the circumstances surrounding her death after she reportedly claimed that the father of her two-year-old son forced her to drink carbon tablets, but the Police have so far ruled out foul play.

A post mortem examination on Wednesday confirmed that the woman died from pesticide poisoning.

The woman, Ashley Fernandes of Kitty, Georgetown died on Tuesday at the Georgetown Public Hospital moments are telling her teenage brother that she was forced by her child’s father to consume carbon tablets.

Ashley lived with her 2-year-old son and her 14-year-0ld brother who is spending time with her.

The teen told the News Room that his sister and her spouse, a businessman, went out together and she fell sick upon returning home.

“They had some problems and yesterday morning [Tuesday] he took her out around (09:00 h) and brought her back like (11:30 h) and when she came out of the car she started vomiting,” the brother said.

The teenager said he tried to ask her what had happened and she related that her child’s father “force she to drink a whole carbon tablet…she drink the tablet inside the vehicle.”

He claimed that his sister said she “wouldn’t make it.”

At the time of the incident, Ashley had her 2-year-old son in the car.

According to the teen, the businessman did not exit the car at any point and also refused to take Ashley to the hospital. As such, they rushed to get a taxi.

“She tell me (inside the car and at the hospital) how he force she to drink one whole carbon tablet and how she can’t make it, how she gon dead… …and then she said must just take care of she baby and she love me,” the brother told the News Room.

“Till when we reach the hospital, he (the businessman) called back and want talk to she but she had already lost her sense and everything,” the teen said.

Commander of Region Four Simon McBean told the News Room that statements were taken from all involved and there was “no evidence to confirm foul play” was involved.

The couple shared a four-year relationship but did not live together.

The brother said since he came to visit his sister in August, the couple had been involved in constant arguments.

According to the woman’s mother, Cradlyn Fernandes, the arguments were nothing new as the businessman would constantly isolate Ashley from her family.

“The man don’t want me go by her like to visit her and nothing so I was living one-side…

“I don’t know certain things because everything she hide; my daughter don’t tell me anything. I does ask she and she don’t tell me, she does keep a lot of things from me,” the mother said.

The News Room understands that Ashley was planning to pursue further studies to become independent of her spouse.

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