Customer who couldn’t get car parts sets Auto Sales company on fire


A customer who did not get the car parts he wanted at Caricom Auto Sales located at Lusignan, East Coast Demerara, reportedly lit a paper which was soaked with gasoline and set the building on fire Friday afternoon.

The owner of the property, Imran Inshan told the News Room that he was at the other location a few houses away when he saw the employees running out from the building and the smoke emanating at around 14:00h.

The scene of the fire [Photo: News Room/October 9, 2020]
A quick response by the Guyana Fire Service prevented further destruction to a nearby home and a Chinese window factory.

Inshan explained that according to his staff, a man, who had on a face mask, went into the business and inquired about car parts, however, he was told that it was not in stock.

It is alleged that the customer then lit the paper on fire and threw it into the office. The businessman explained that the paper was soaked with gasoline and so the fire spread rapidly.

The scene of the fire [Photo: News Room/October 9, 2020]
According to Inshan, he was told that the customer ran out of the business place and escaped on his bicycle.

The police was summoned and nearby CCTV footages will be reviewed.

The businessman disclosed that the building housed over $80M worth in vehicles parts while the building itself is worth over $70M.

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  1. Matthew says

    So the guy just carries around a gasoline soaked rag for when he gets annoyed? Look for somebody with a grudge against the owner.

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