Ninvalle pledges allegiance and support to Caribbean boxing


President of the Guyana Boxing Association, Steve Ninvalle, said he is still committed to the development of boxing in the Caribbean.

On Monday, Ninvalle resigned with immediate effect as Chairman of the Caribbean Steering Committee for Boxing and as a member of the five-man committee appointed to hold discussions with AIBA Presidential Candidates.

Ninvalle submitted his resignation to the relevant authorities on on October 5, citing personal reasons, which he wished would remain private at this time.

In an invited comment, Ninvalle told News Room Sport that he is still committed to the development of boxing in the region.

“I still remain the Vice-President of the Americas Boxing Confederation, which in itself is an important organisation and arm of AIBA. As it relates to the development of boxing in the Caribbean, the Caribbean as a region has to chart a course, and has to resolute stay on that course,” Ninvalle explained.

“I think at times such as these with such a tough battle looming in December which is the election of the president of AIBA, you will need to have your most trusted, your most respected and your strongest ‘soldiers’ on hand. That is what I think the Caribbean will need to do right now, to be able to get a strong team together in order to make sure that the right decisions are made, and when I say the right decisions, it means the decisions that will benefit the Caribbean most.”

Ninvalle said over the years Caribbean boxing development has been “left on the back burner”, and what is needed now are “tough negotiators” on hand to lift it out of the “abyss.”

“I do trust that the persons who will come on board will put the Caribbean first because that is what is needed foremost, and not have egos and personal interests at the forefront. If you ask me, I think this can be done and hopefully it is done,” Ninvalle said.

“As it relates to my future in Caribbean boxing, I will always remain in Caribbean boxing. Boxing is a passion and once you accept the offer, you should fulfil the task. Many a times we find persons who are there for many other different reasons, but it has to be a passion, and my hope is that the Caribbean can see better days and I will lend support and lend advice into making this a reality.”

Following Ninvalle’s resignation, the Caribbean Steering Committee for Boxing was hit with another resignation with Vice-Chairman Cecil Forde of Trinidad and Tobago deciding to walk the following day.

While it is not clear what prompted Forde to resign, he, like Ninvalle, offered his support and advice to aid the development of the sport in the region.

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