CID wants Lawrence by 4:15pm; Coalition objects


See below statement issued by the APNU+AFC:

Today there has been an unmistakable further intensification of the psychological terrorism on the leadership of the APNU+AFC Coalition by the PPP regime and their complicit agents in the Guyana Police Force.

The People’s National Congress Chairman Ms. Volda Lawrence has been contacted by the Criminal Investigations Division of the Guyana Police Force and told to present herself at 16:15hrs today, Saturday, at the CID Headquarters, Eve Leary.

Ms. Lawrence was previously charged by the Guyana Police Force and put before the court. She has dutifully attended court as required and complied with all requirements. She has been placed on bail. The charges against her are baseless, spurious and trumped up.

This sudden and unnecessary demand for Ms. Lawrence to present herself at the CID Headquarters, late on a Saturday afternoon, must be seen for what it is – psychological terrorism against the APNU+AFC leadership, activists and supporters.

It is evident that there is a plan to detain Ms. Lawrence as others have been detained previously.

This latest devious and abominable action by the PPP regime further crystallises that they are horrified and frightened by the APNU+AFC Coalition’s elections petitions which they know they will lose and will result in their removal from government which they temporarily occupy. They are attempting every desperate tactic to thwart the hearing of the election petition.

The APNU+AFC Coalition demands that the PPP immediately desist from these actions and should it fail to adhere to our demands it will suffer the consequences of retaliatory measures which the APNU+AFC Coalition will be left with no alternative but to pursue.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This statement was edited/updated

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  1. Matthew says

    Does the PNC plan on trotting out “their” SOPS anytime soon. Still talking like the won the election when we all know that they did not. It does not matter how many times they repeat it ……the PPP was in no position to cheat on the elections because ALL senior staff and most junior staff were handpicked for ethnicity and loyalty to a particular party and it was not the PPP. Making idiots of themselves still. As to Mrs Lawrence……she did the unforgivable and that was co-signing a false declaration. She is probably one of the nicer, brighter PNC’s but she has to make amends and maybe singing is the best way if she was under orders.

    Does the Coalition feel that there would be no repercussions for the blatant rigging attempt????? How could they ?

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