GFF Referees Recruitment Campaign takes aim at Coomacka


The nationwide Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Referees Recruitment Campaign under the theme #GetInvolved, which was launched last month, has taken aim at the village of Coomacka.

GFF President Wayne Forde, Coomacka United FC President Renison Rawlins and GFF Referees Technical Instructor/Assessor Abdullah Hamid shared a significant moment when promotional flyers were handed recently. Also present was President of the Upper Demerara Football Association (UDFA), Terrence Mitchell.

It was done when for the first time in the history of the game a sitting GFF President paid a visit to this community. Forde, in brief remarks following the handing over, said that the aim is to target an equal amount of female and male officials.

“Former players or even those who may not have played at any level, but would like to officiate in the game of football, Mr. Hamid will work towards ensuring that training is ongoing and that we can start integrating these new referees not only in tournaments at the UDFA level but also at the national level.”

Forde noted that this initiative forms part of the Federation’s grand plan for the development of the game in the hinterland communities.

“We’ve used that same strategy to bring about the support that we are going to bring to your community. We want to see hinterland football and football that has a strong indigenous representation to be given more material and financial support, more capacity building support like coaching education and administration, among others. We believe that those are fundamental building blocks that would help the game to grow in these small tightly knit communities.”

Forde said that he is of the belief that the Coomacka community will band together and ensure that they succeed with this initiative, noting that the Federation cannot do it all.

“We can go so far but it is the people in the community that would have to step up and get the work done. I want to assure you that we are going to pay keen attention to the developmental trajectory in your community through the Upper Demerara Football Association.”

The experienced Hamid, a former FIFA Referee said that he is assured that the GFF is going in the right direction in launching this recruitment programme countrywide.

“It’s very important to develop Referees, male and female, at the same time you would be developing male and female football players and coaches as they both go hand in hand.”

Hamid has indicated that he already has persons waiting to be part of this programme, but its commencement is all dependent on the lifting of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions as implemented by the Ministry of Heath to stem the spread of this deadly disease which has rocked the world.

“Having Referees coming out of these areas would surely be a huge boost for football in the country not only in the UDFA, but all those other Regions in Guyana. I am ready to get started as long as the go ahead is given by the relevant authority.”

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