President Ali delivers on promise to upgrade recreational grounds


His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali has committed over $15 million for upgrades to recreational grounds at Line Path, Skeldon, Port Mourant, Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam and ‘C’ Field, Sophia.

The President made these commitments during outreaches to the communities on Saturday. His pledges are fulfilment of promises the PPP/C made to the electorate while on the campaign trail.

At the Line Path Community Centre, the President announced that $2 million has been earmarked for the maintenance and enhancement of the ground. He also donated a quantity of sport gear to several cricket clubs in the area.

At Port Mourant, President Ali pledged $9.5 million for the full construction and grading of an area residents usually use for recreational purposes, but which has been neglected over the years.

At Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam, he committed $1.2 million to upgrade the recreational space there. These sums have all been budgeted for in the $2.6 billion regional allocation.

And at Sophia, the President pledged $3 million to upgrade three community playgrounds. The President also advised that jobs to fix the grounds go to residents of those communities.

Meanwhile, the disbursement of the $25,000 COVID-19 relief cash grant has started in Region Six. Two days before the laying of the Budget in the National Assembly, the President had announced a raft of measures aimed supporting families struggling to maintain their households in the wake of COVID-19.

(Department of Public Information) 

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  1. Matthew says

    He best be careful…..he gonna done the whole previously announced “decade of development” in about 90 days…….

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