Police reportedly called in to escort former PS from Tourism Ministry


Police were reportedly called in on Monday morning to escort former Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Karen VanSluytman- Corbin from the Ministry.

In a live video on social media, the woman told the media that she visited the office to uplift her belongings but she was locked out.

“I came this morning to retrieve my personal belongings that I have in my office and observed the locks have been changed so I have not been able to access the office,” the former PS said.

Police ranks at the Ministry [Photo taken from Capitol News/ October 12, 2020]
VanSluytman- Corbin was reassigned to the post of Chief Administrative Officer within the Ministry.

She said efforts to meet with Minister Oniedge Walrond proved futile.

The former PS said she is unsure why the police were summoned as she did not behave disorderly.

“I do not know why because I was not behaving hostile, threatening or in any manner that would warrant the police coming to get me out of here,” she noted.

The Government has since appointed Sharon Roopchand-Edwards as the new Permanent Secretary at the Ministry.

Efforts to contact Minister Walrond for a comment proved futile.

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  1. Matthew says

    I would like to believe this former PS version of events but alas, I trust no one from the crew that was silent during the rigging process for reasons of their own. They all stood to benefit and most are acting surprised that they got knocked off, even persons that were hired since the NCM on long term contracts. I would hope that the persons representing the PPP and thus the Citizens of Guyana that civil discourse is the first order. Guyanese simply have to stop fighting with each other and they also have to stop exaggerating stories for political reasons.

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