Dawn Cush’s contract as Director of Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission terminated


In a Facebook post where she said she didn’t want to work a single day with the People’s Progressive Party and upheld her affiliation to the APNU+AFC Coalition, former Magistrate Dawn Cush announced that her contract as Director of the Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission was terminated.

In the letter posted on Cush’s Facebook page and signed by the new Chairman of the Commission Ms. Dolly Sukhdeo, Cush’s services as Director were terminated with immediate effect. Cush said she will “not go hungry.”

No reason was given for the move but the letter stated that she will be receiving one month’s salary in lieu of notice and other allowances.

Cush in the post said: “I never wanted to work a day under this administration but I had colleagues who encouraged me to remain. This is not the end. I am free as a bird to speak the truth.

“The first order of business of the new CCAC Board chaired by Dolly Sukhdeo, an Attorney-at-Law and including Cathy Marton, with a new designation of Director of Governance, a 30-year-old Nalini Singh and former Commissioner Ramesh Seebarran, a decent and honourable man who served on the Board for two years when I was Director was to terminate my services.”

She said no reason was given for her termination and its “speaks volumes about those who cowardly put their friends to do their work.”

“I worked with two Coalition Ministers and never had a problem. This carries the stench of political victimization. Unlike others, I never denied my affiliation to APNU-AFC. Petty politicians,” she added.


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  1. Matthew says

    Well she seems to have mixed emotions …..”didn’t want to work a day, under this administration”. “they had no right to fire me”.

    Huh? But I do have no doubt you won’t go hungry. Seems everybody was lookin after themselves in a right proper manner.

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