Teen brutally chopped to head by Venezuelans


A 17-year-old of Cornelia Ida, West Coast Demerara was brutally chopped to the head three times by four Venezuelan brothers on Monday last.

Navindra Bharat, a fisherman suffered a fractured skull and doctors say it is a miracle that he has no brain damage.

The teen’s mother, Shelly Rasheed told the News Room that the Venezuelans took up residence in the area about three years ago and have been robbing and terrorizing residents. The mother explained that on Monday at about 17:30h one of the brother’s wife ran into her yard for help.

“Them Spanish boys was beating them sister-in-law and she come in my yard for rescue so after she talking Spanish and I showing she hand movement to go home and collect her children. So the boys them start to cuss we up cause the girl come in by we,” the mother explained.

She said the men then engaged in an altercation with the teen and subsequently left the yard and later returned at about 19:00h and brutally chopped the teen.

“Them come back the night but we didn’t see them coming and they go from behind my small son and start chopping he,” the mother said.

The suspects are in hiding as police investigations are ongoing. The woman said she is now fearful that the men will return and attack her family again. A police report was made to the Leonora Police Station.

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