President Ali to Success Squatters: ‘Get accustom to doing things the right way’


As scores of squatters continue to resist removal from lands they occupy at Success, East Coast Demerara President Irfaan Ali Friday said the government is committed to providing housing for all but that those seeking lands must do so the right way.

“It is not that we want you to be dislodged, we want you to own your homes too. That is why we sent in a housing team to meet with you but you must understand that there is a right way and wrong way to do things,” Ali said on Friday at the opening of a housing event at the National Stadium.

A number of those who have been squatting at Success attended the event. The President reminded that squatting is illegal and there is a process to acquiring housing.

President Irfaan Ali engaging citizens at the Guyana National Stadium [News Room photo/October 16, 2020]
He said those squatters occupy lands belonging to the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) and cannot remain on those lands. He called on them to respond positively to the government’s plan for relocation.

The President in responding to request for the squatters to remain on the lands said the government is only interested in developing communities that are sustainable.

“I am appealing to you to do it the right way,” he added.

GuySuCo began flooding the lands on Wednesday.

But the squatters said they will continue to occupy the lands.

The lands the squatters are occupying are intended to be used by GuySuCo for a key project.

The squatters also clashed with the police recently during efforts to relocate them.

This led to the Police using tear gas and pellets to disperse the squatters who were gathered in large numbers.

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