“Use your time very effectively and sensibly”- Ramson Jr.


“Use your time very effectively and sensibly.”

Those were the pertinent words of advice Sport Minister Charles Ramson Jr. left with young aspiring sportsmen of Berbice during a recent visit to the county.

Addressing a group of youngsters at the Port Mourant Community Centre, Ramson Jr., who also has Ministerial responsibility for Youth, urged the young men to learn from the many stories that have unfolded in the county.

“Don’t become like some of the many talents that have come out of this region, who have not been able to translate their talent into becoming world-class and successful,” the Minister asserted.

Ramson Jr. told the youths it is “easy” to gravitate to unwholesome activities and fall prey to societal ills, acts that would be counterproductive to their career development.

“The great athletes all across the world are totally dedicated towards developing their talent and honing their skills every single day,” he pointed out.

Elite Training Programmes, the Minister highlighted, will be created to filter above-average talents through a structured system of development. The aim, according to Ramson Jr., is to foster an environment that aids the production of world-class athletes.

“It is a comprehensive programme that’s going to help to develop young talent right here and steer you away from some of the bad activities, but I don’t want you to make the mistake of thinking that you don’t have responsibilities too,” Ramson Jr. told the youngsters.

“That is an important part of what I want to leave with you today; you have responsibilities too. So we can give you the best facilities in the world, if you don’t train, if you don’t eat right, if you don’t sleep at the right time, if you don’t dedicate yourself towards developing your skills, coming out and train in the morning…and you do this every single day until you’re developing to become a really great athlete.”

The Minister also informed the gathering of the government’s intention to transform the Albion Community Centre into one of three multi-purpose sport facilities. The others would be at Anna Regina in Region Two and the Mackenzie Sports Club in Region 10.

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