Charrandas Persaud returns to Guyana


Charrandas Persaud, an Attorney-at-law who sent shockwaves throughout the country back in December 2018 when he voted emphatically in favour of the No-Confidence motion, has returned to Guyana.

Persaud was spotted at the Providence, East Bank Demerara Ramada Princess Hotel earlier on Saturday.

Persons close to Persaud have also confirmed to the News Room his return to the country.

The Guyanese-Canadian left Guyana for Canada on December 22, 2018 – four days after the historic vote – in fear for his life after voting against his own coalition Government in the opposition sponsored No – Confidence Motion.

His vote effectively handed the People’s Progressive Party the one vote they needed to win the No-Confidence motion.

He has not returned to Guyana since he left amid talks that there was an open investigation by the Guyana Police Force related to his no confidence vote.

Persaud had hinted earlier in 2020 that he intended to end his self-exile and return to Guyana but he also expressed fears that with the APNU+AFC government in place he would be arrested upon his return.

Mr Persaud represented Region Six in the National Assembly and was a member of the Alliance for Change (AFC) which joined with the coalition of five parties in APNU to contest and win the May 2015 general and regional elections.

He became a Parliamentarian in May 2015 when the new Government was sworn in.

  1. Matthew says

    The fact he was afraid after the perfectly legitimate no-confidence vote is a shameful stain on Guyana.

  2. Xhrp2wkb1 says

    WELCOME BACK! Charrandas is a hero!

    This govt should give Charran a position somewhere. Don’t be scared to do that. If the situation was reversed PNC would do it and wouldn’t care a heck about what the PPPC and the people think.

    The riggers rigged in front of everybody’s face so you know how their thought process works. Me Me Me Bully Bully Bully Neanderthal Troglodyte Shameless Violence.. Repeat.

  3. Navin Ramai says

    A great man a true patriot he deserves a national awrd he had the vision to see what granger and his bunch of despots were all about he saved all the ppl of guyana may the ppl of guyana never make the mistake of ever electing a pnc or any incarnation of it
    Navin Ramai

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