Ramson Jr. touts broad-based approach to sport development


Sport Minister Charles Ramson Jr. on Saturday promoted the government’s broad-based approach to sport development during a visit to the community of Agricola, Greater Georgetown.

The visit, which coincided with the distribution of sport gear and face masks to sport organisers and residents, followed previous interactions by the Minister in Tiger Bay, Georgetown, and several villages in Berbice.

Addressing media operatives at the conclusion of Saturday’s activity, Ramson Jr., who also has Ministerial responsibility for Youth and Culture, said similar visits are carded for hinterland communities in the coming weeks.

“This is the President’s initiative where he wants government to remain engaged with people and that we have to remain connected. This activity is really a representation of what is happening all across the country,” Ramson Jr. said.

Sport gear and face masks were distributed to the community

The Minister touched on the administration’s approach of being “for all people”, regardless of their political persuasion.

Addressing the perception that visits to certain areas might be viewed as a political ploy, Ramson Jr. said: “We’re not in an election; we’re not campaigning at the moment, so we’re doing this as part of our programme, our government programme.”

He continued, “If you’d said to me that we were doing this just before an election then I would totally understand where the question was coming from or if there was a basis for that question at all. We’re not in an election; in fact, the election was just concluded and one of the first things you see us doing is coming into all areas in the country.”

“When it comes to ploys, tell that to the kids who are going to use these sport gear- they don’t consider ploys, they don’t consider political opportunities and things like that. They’re going to be using these gear to advance their skills, to advance their health and wellbeing, maybe even having a career out of it.”

The donation of gear aside, the community ground in Agricola would be considered for attention under the ground enhancement programme, the Minister also highlighted.

Minister Ramson Jr. was accompanied by representatives of the Guyana Football Federation, the Georgetown Basketball Association, and community leaders from Agricola and other parts of Georgetown.

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