MovieTowne told to request Health Minister’s permission for ‘Drive-in Movie Night’


MovieTowne Guyana will have to seek the permission of Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony to host its ‘Drive-in Movie Night’ on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Director of the National COVID-19 Task Force Secretariat, Col. Nazrul Mohamed in a letter to the establishment on Thursday said the Official Gazette of September 30, 2020 which contains COVID-19 guidelines governing the current period “prohibits hosting of cinema events at paragraph 2.”

According to the COVID-19 Emergency Measures of September 30, under Restriction on social activities, it states that “(1)No person shall host, attend or visit a cinema,” and other social gatherings.

As a result, MovieTowne was informed that it has to “obtain the written approval of the Minister of Health for hosting of any event/s relating to cinema-type activity, regardless of the form any such activity is likely to take.”

“It is anticipated that all prudent measures will be taken to ensure that your institution remains in compliance with the National COVID-19 measures,” the letter added.

A response is expected within 48hours.

The MovieTowne ‘Drive-in Movie Night’ is widely advertised on social media to be hosted in the Mall’s parking lot.

Parking is said to be available for 100 vehicles on a ‘First come, first served’ basis. Movie audio will be accessed through vehicle radio for which the frequency will be provided on entry.

According to the advertisement, while food will be on sale and washrooms are provided, strict COVID guidelines are in effect.

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